About the hotel
Miss blanche

Mission Blanche

Discover the elegance of Groningen from our eight restored (canal) buildings. Modern luxury and majestic details come together in the unique atmosphere and appearance of our boutique hotel. The offer of our 45 unique rooms and suites add a characteristic detail to every stay. Our mission is to deliver an unique experience to all guests, where hospitality, ambiance and personality comes first.

Surroundings & location

In the vibrant heart of Groningen lies our Vivacity Blanche Square. Here the historical splendor of the city merges with the lively and contemporary atmosphere. A unique setting that is irresistible to travelers of all ages because the location offers the best of both worlds: historic grandeur and vibrant ambiance.

Beautiful historic buildings and canals in a picturesque setting that invites you to stroll and discover the city’s rich history. Museums, theater and culture at your fingertips and at the same time the ideal base for the young adventurers and bon vivants to explore the energetic atmosphere of Groningen. The trendy boutiques around the corner and the numerous opportunities to enjoy the vibrant nightlife invite to be explored.

Our history

Vivacity Blanche Square breathes history: the city of Groningen arose – strategically located – on the northernmost part of the Hondsrug so that residents were relatively protected from high water and invaders. Alongside this Hondsrug, the Drentse Aa stream flowed toward the sea, which provided a bustling trade. It was here, on the Hoge der A and the Lage der A, that the city’s first harbor arose where enterprising Groningers manufactured a low and a high quay for continuous loading and unloading during low and high tides. Warehouses and storage facilities were established along these canals, but coffee houses and inns also served as meeting places.

Until well into the 19th century, the influence of the sea is perceptible in Groningen; today, the canals and associated quays are mainly at the service of tourists. During the 20th century, restoration work took place to preserve its historical value and architectural beauty. Today, the beautiful historic warehouses and ships provide an atmospheric, picturesque and photogenic spectacle.